Jack Thompson Discovers People Are Nude Under Clothes

8 May , 2006  

Our favorite asshole lawyer, Jack Thompson, has discovered *gasp* that people are actually naked under their clothes. This revelation came when Jack discovered that the game Oblivion accurately rendered women nude under their shirts. Like most Republican prudes, Jack has … Continued


Oblivion Tops Hot Coffee

22 Apr , 2006  

Everyone has heard of the Hot Coffee controversy courtesy of a modification to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allowed you to have “sex” with a pixilated nude woman in the game. It was retarded, as Maddox pointed out, because … Continued


Islamic Cartoons : Classic West vs Islamic Values

7 Feb , 2006   Gallery

I just have to comment about this escalating situation all over the world, as it seems to be becoming a flash point for major violence, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon, perhaps escalating more as larger amounts of … Continued


Blizzard Says No to Gay Marriage

3 Feb , 2006  

Blizzard says no to any player who wants to role-play a same sex marriage. Apparently Blizzard has the policy that if anyone in the game ever thinks that what you say or do is offensive and they report it, then … Continued


Futile Alito Hearings

31 Jan , 2006  

I happened to be working a desk job during the Alito hearings that allowed me to watch it on CSPAN the entire time, so I saw everyday. It was actually pretty interesting, seeing the various senators, mostly saying the same … Continued


The Internet Did Not Kill Your Daughter

11 Nov , 2005 – Parents: Online newsgroup helped daughter commit suicide – Nov 10, 2005 19 year old decides she wants to commit suicide. She, like any smart person of her generation, decides to research it and invariably finds the topic she … Continued


Universal Health Care Disaster

22 Oct , 2005  

Competitive health care is like that brand new Mercedes, it’s expensive, but it will definitely get you anywhere you want to go, even though some people cannot afford it. Universal health care is like that old ford, it’s cheap, it … Continued


More Proof the French Suck

21 Sep , 2005  

The French are good at a few things, wine, cheese, surrendering, and of course insulting other nations, especially America. We have always admired the French for their ability to insult us with a mind boggling superiority complex and snooty attitude. … Continued


Women Throw in the Towel in Battle for Equality

20 Sep , 2005  

This article, while slightly amusing being a man, is quite disturbing as far as trends go. This article in the New York Times basically outlines how women in top Universities (we are talking Ivy League here) are more frequently planning … Continued


Burning Money with Good Intentions

19 Sep , 2005  

Now that inequailty has been exposed to the political community, let’s burn some money that will result in zero relief of the problem!