More Proof the French Suck

21 Sep , 2005  

The French are good at a few things, wine, cheese, surrendering, and of course insulting other nations, especially America. We have always admired the French for their ability to insult us with a mind boggling superiority complex and snooty attitude. However, insulting another country usually requires that the insult not be shared by yourself. If you say America is yellow, you better not be yellow yourself, for example.

Now, I am sad to say the French suck at another thing, insults. From the NYTimes story A French Lesson: Taunts About Race Can Boomerang we see that when France says we have terrible racism and France itself is a beacon of hope for equality, they actually mean they are full of le shit.

France has long boasted of itself as the cradle of human rights and a bulwark against racism. It regularly denounced racism in the United States

The census in France does not list people by race … The European Union finances programs for minorities but not in France, because of its refusal to recognize minorities at all.

There are virtually no black people in corporate France, and blacks have almost no political representation. No black person sits in the National Assembly or in a regional parliament.

The French like to say, ‘Blacks are a social problem, not racial.’

Does any of this sound familiar? The French are that alcoholic that refuses to admit he has a problem. How an entire country can be so diluted is beyond me. I guess France’s solution to problems they can’t surrender to is to just ignore that they even exist. Their census doesn’t even count race? Haha. Now after fires in impoverished areas of Paris killed 48 people, who all happened to be black, the French are finally seeing reality.

How does it feel France?

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