Universal Health Care Disaster

22 Oct , 2005  

Competitive health care is like that brand new Mercedes, it’s expensive, but it will definitely get you anywhere you want to go, even though some people cannot afford it.

Universal health care is like that old ford, it’s cheap, it will get you around town, but when it makes that long trip it may break down, but anyone can afford it.

The question can be boiled down to which of these options do we want, but that would be a far too simplistic view. The question is not what to do about spiraling costs of health care, or what to do for people who don’t have health care. The question is about why we need so much health care in the first place. Granted, everyone can get sick, get serious diseases, and die, while following the best and most healthy lifestyle. However, Americans as a whole have an entirely unhealthy lifestyle that probably contributes greatly to the need for constant health care.

If the government starts paying for people’s health care (and indeed it already does for elderly people), then I want to see some legislation that makes people understand that your choices in lifestyle affect your health. I am not paying my tax dollars to some universal health care scheme that let’s some asshole who drinks 5 gallons of soda a day and eats McDonald’s 5 times a week get a free gastric bypass surgery to make him think his retarded lifestyle is just fine and dandy. NO! These people need to be taught how to make right decisions, forced to make right decisions, and if all else failsCUT LOOSE FROM THE SYSTEM . Yes, let them die. Darwinism at it’s best. Your mother always told you, “you are what you eat,” and right now some idiot is munching down on a dozen doughnuts and doesn’t realize he’s the doughnut.

All you hippies out there are saying the government can’t force us to eat right, they can’t force us to exercise. Sure they can’t, you are definitely right. Then again, there’s nothing in the constitution that says they can’t withhold that brand new health care system from you because you violated your doughnut quota this month.

Right now a universal health care system paid for by the government would just mean a shitty health care system for everyone. Sure, that 50 million or so that is uncovered would be covered, but either quality would go down, or price would go up. If health care need is the same, and we add 50 million need into the mix, then is there any other way?

You want cheap health care? Think twice before you pick up that Big Mac. Think twice before you decide to watch T.V. rather than exercise for 30 minutes a day. Think twice before you smoke that pack of cigarettes. Think twice about your lifestyle and how long you want to live. The choices we make today form the (lack of) choices we have tomorrow.

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  3. Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system. Health insurance is a major aspect to many.

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