Blizzard Says No to Gay Marriage

3 Feb , 2006  

Blizzard says no to any player who wants to role-play a same sex marriage. Apparently Blizzard has the policy that if anyone in the game ever thinks that what you say or do is offensive and they report it, then it is. This is the best policy to keep everyone happy, while at the same time pissing everyone off. Way to go Blizzard.

Because girls kissing or getting married to each other in a game is going to make your daughter a lesbian, or guys role-playing gay relationships is going to turn your WoW addicted nerdy son into a raging homo. Its just distasteful! It ruins the entire sanctity and seriousness of .. uhh .. virtual world marriages! Because its so hard to ignore someone in game and the game is clearly about chatting and never playing.

This is ridiculous and I think Blizzard knows it. This is a policy that says, no one may make references to sexual orientation, ever. This is to keep people from harassing other people, calling them gay and what not. Ok, that’s a good policy I guess. Now when a man and woman in game role-play a couple … isn’t there an implied sexual reference? Even expressed in many cases? It’s not getting reported, and if it is, how is it treated? The same as if it were a gay reference? I doubt it.

What about when that big ugly Orc marries that blood elf or something. That’s more offensive than girls kissing for sure. But why does anyone even care? Seriously, if you think boys and girls kissing the same sex is the most terrible thing happening in your life and it needs to stop .. MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. WHY DO YOU CARE?

There was a gay player in my World of Warcraft guild when I played, and he played a lot. It’s these kind of policies that drive away players that are really playing the game, not farming loot and gold 24/7.

Bottom line Blizzard takes a biased and discriminatory approach to the whole thing. They make the assumption that any reference to alternate sexuality is immediately offensive. When a gay person acknowledges that he or she is gay, they are not offending themselves or anyone else. When someone continually harasses a player using sexual orientation references, its the harassment part that’s important. The sexual orientation part is just what he uses to accomplish it, he could just as easily be calling him an asshole over and over again.

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  1. Kajex says:

    I applaud this. Covering your butt from people complaining about apparently offensive material while trumping the freedom to do the same thing in a context that some people may not find very tasteful on the grounds that it is not considered standard is bigotry in full. And, as you say, it’s a fucking virtual world- nobody is going to care, because it’s not really real stuff. And even if it were, it shouldn’t matter. This kind of thinking would teach players that homosexuality is wrong, rather than let them play and find out through life itself what could be considered right or wrong.

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