Women Throw in the Towel in Battle for Equality

20 Sep , 2005  

This article, while slightly amusing being a man, is quite disturbing as far as trends go. This article in the New York Times basically outlines how women in top Universities (we are talking Ivy League here) are more frequently planning to stop working upon having children or never working at all and being a stay at home mom.

Come on you lazy bitches! You talk about honoring your mothers choice to do the same? What about the countless women before you who have fought so hard against gender discrimination? Is it hard for a modern women to have children and work? Yes. Can it be done? YES. Does it take more effort than these women want to put out? Probably. Which is surprising because they are supposed to be the cream of the crop.

“I think it’s really great,” said one male student. Another said, “I think it’s sexy to be a stay at home mom.”

Are you girls buying this? Come on! At least make it challenging for us guys to oppress you. I mean come on, we think you have been gaining ground for the past 50 years only to see you throw in the towel now? Give me a break.

Before you think, “hey it’s their choice to do this,” yes I realize that its their choice. Choices in society are not made in a vacuum though. It’s obvious that some social force is turning the tide and it is quite disturbing to me. I wish I was smart enough to link this with the rest of the “conservative” oriented thinking going on in schools (reference the poll that said a majority of highschool students said it was actually alright if the government censored the media).

“I accept things how they are,” she said. “I don’t mind the status quo. I don’t see why I have to go against it.”

This from a woman in a top university. Let me just say … oh … my … God … what in the hell is going on here. I’m seriously confused how any woman can not realize that equality is far, far, far from reached. Hello! It is still a man’s world. There are so many statistics to back this statement up it isn’t even funny. Hell, a bunch of my classes here have discussed this very issue and from what I hear from women who discuss in class .. I thought you girls would fight the good fight for the foreseeable future. Obviously the “smarter” you are intellectually, the easier you are manipulated. That is just sad.

Note that staying at home is a noble decision to make as a women, yet a rising trend indicating that young women are accepting traditional roles that have been fought by other women for 50 years is disturbing. I am all for a women’s choice to stay home and raise children, and although the economics of it are increasingly difficult, it definately can benefit the children in the long run. However, more disturbing is the percentage of women who decided never to work at all and the growing trend that seems to indicate young women are returning to a pre-60’s and 70’s frame of mind where you are Mrs. Insert Husbands Name Here who is required to serve him in any domestic capacity he wants. While this certainly has appeal to me as a man (haha), as a jerk who questions most everything about society in general it is disappointing that progress is not being made on the gender equality front.

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