This is the personal blog and mind dump of Matthew Hemsteger. I graduated in December 2006 from Virginia Tech with a degree in Political Science.

I began writing web-pages back in 1996 and my first web-page had all those great animated gifs, sounds, and crap that was so hideous it was cool. Later on I began my descent into MMORPG’s beginning with Asheron’s Call and began developing a guild web-page. Later, I became the Project Manager in charge of Asherons Call Stratics. However, upon graduating Highschool and becoming disinterested in Asheron’s Call in general, I dropped off the website administering circuit.

I opened up Sharecentric.com in 2003 with the intention of it being a P2P share type site. However after some contact with the MPAA (bastards) and seeing lawsuits in the news, I decided that would not be the smartest thing. Since then it has been dormant, serving as someplace to store my crap.

I opened up a blog, not because I wanted to a huge number of readers, but a place to document my thoughts. I also like to fool around with design, web ideas, etc that are facilitated by having some kind of web page and software out there.