Lucky First Hands

29 Jan , 2006  

I keep getting lucky hands when I first sit down at a table. Here is such an example from today. I may branch out soon into some No Limit because I want to try out some SNG’s. Of course this is while I move up the limits. Judging by the .05/.10, I will give this limit another week before moving up again since I just got payed for winter break. To raked limits! Yes, I’m a big noob. Screw you.

PokerStars 0.05/0.10 Hold’em (9 handed)

Preflop: Hero is MP2 with K of hearts, J of hearts. Hero posts a blind of $0.05.
UTG raises, 2 folds, Hero (poster) calls, MP3 calls, CO calls, Button calls, 1 fold, BB calls.

Flop: (12.40 SB) T of spades, 9 of spades, 4 of clubs (6 players)
BB checks, UTG bets, Hero raises, MP3 folds, CO calls, Button folds, BB calls, UTG 3-bets, Hero calls, CO calls, BB calls.

Turn: (12.20 BB) 4 of diamonds (4 players)
BB checks, UTG bets, Hero calls, CO calls, BB calls.

River: (16.20 BB) Q of clubs (4 players)
BB checks, UTG bets, Hero raises, CO folds, BB folds, UTG calls.

Final Pot: 20.20 BB

Results below:
UTG has Kc Ks (two pair, kings and fours).
Hero has Kh Jh (straight, king high).
Outcome: Hero wins 20.20 BB.

So I make a pretty loose preflop call. I figured I had already put money in voluntarily and I had position on the raiser, so I would call it.

The flop comes and I flop a gutshot straight draw (4 outs) and two overcards (6 outs discounted to 4). So I have about 8 outs to a probable best hand. I have odds to call, but I would rather raise here because we have fairly strong outs. The preflop raiser reraises us, and I just call. Oh well. I put him on overcards also.

Turn comes and its not a flush, but it does pair the board. Getting about 13:1 to call, I call because we are 10.5:1 to make some kind of hand.

The river comes and I hit the straight, oh baby. Easy raise for value.

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