Saving $10 on your Sprint PCS Bill Every Month

14 Nov , 2005  

From ::moox::

Tired of SprintPCS dropping your calls????

Recently, due to a job change, I needed to switch cell-phone carriers. At the time, I was having a large number of calls dropped by SprintPCS, in addition to not having adequate coverage in the new areas I traveled for work. When I called SprintPCS to cancel, the customer service representative gave me one hell of a run around – she even threatened to not let me cancel my account – WTF? Finally, in a last-ditch effort to keep me from canceling, she told me how I could get credits for dropped calls and thus lower my bill. The procedure is easy – every time I had a call dropped, I simply needed to do the following :

* Call *2 on your SprintPCS phone (calls customer solutions)
* When greeted by “Claire” (their automated customer service system) and asked what you need help with, simply reply “Dropped Call Credit”
* Sprint will then credit your account 1 minute of airtime at the highest local rate, usually $0.50

The rep went on to tell me “this was permissible for up to 20 times per billing cycle.� Do the math and you will see that it will save you $10.00 per bill. Additionally, if you have a family share plan you can repeat this for each line, saving you an additional $10.00 per line during each billing cycle. The rep stated that even she “does this every month, regardless of whether or not she has had 20 dropped calls. It saves [her] $10.00 per month!�

I wish I had known about this sooner given the large number of dropped calls I have had with SprintPCS from day one…

Just thought that was interesting enough to post, I don’t have Sprint PCS to try it, but it seems legit. Might as well take advantage of a company so screwed up!

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