Man Goes Insane and Burns $100,000

11 Nov , 2005 – Virtual property yields $100,000 – Nov 10, 2005

Well not exactly burn, but the next best thing! Look, I have made some nice cash selling accounts to massively multiplayer games, even items, but $100,000 to buy a virtual property? This leaves me with no choice.

I am going to unveil the “SUPER FABULOUS GAME WHERE EVERYONE GETS RICH”. See, me as the developer will create this virtual world. Early adopters of this world, if they can tear themselves from World of Warcraft, will pay me a little money for my product, virtual land. This should be considered an investment. Then they can charge later adopters money, and they can charge others, and so on and so on … in a big huge PYRAMID.

Sound like a good idea? Yeah, too bad its illegal.

ETA until government regulation of online games which have connections to real monetary deals .. ?? years and counting.

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