Some Teachers Just Don’t Get It

22 Oct , 2005  

Some teachers really don’t understand why I am at college. It starts with these ridiculous participation grades, mandatory attendance, and miscellaneous busy work. Here is a list of what some professors just don’t understand.

  1. I am not here to learn
  2. Seems like a silly statement to make on it’s face, doesn’t it? But is most certainly true. I am not here to learn. I am here to get a degree, a piece of paper that says that I know what you think I should know in my degree field. If I were at college simply to learn, I wouldbe a moron for spending thousands of dollars for someone to tell me what to learn from (books) via teaching lessons that are almost always available for free someplace. No, I am here for the piece of paper, because unfortunately telling an employer that I know something without that piece of paper doesn’t work (if you believe that you go to college just to prepare for a life as a cog in the capitalist machine).

  3. Participation grades only hurt students, they don’t help anyone
  4. Yes that’s right. Let’s think about this for a second. There are students who never come to class and don’t do any work. These students fail anyway, the participation grade is just another category in their inevitable failure. There are students who never come to class, but learn on their own. These students do well on the tests and know everything they need to, and yet they are punished for it. There are students who always go to class, but just don’t understand anything (idiots). They do poor on the tests, but high on participation. They get average to poor grades. They are rewarded for ignorance and stupidity, and while going to class all the time, they still don’t understand. There are students who always go to class and do all the work. These students do well no matter what.

    So, we have participation grades being no factor in people that don’t attend class and don’t do work (they fail anyway). Participation grades HURT people who don’t go to class, but learn on their own and get good test grades. Participation grades are no factor for people who go to class, do their work, and understand concepts (they do well anyway). Participation grades seem to be made for the idiots who will never fully understand a concept. They prop up bad grades of people who aren’t smart, and either do nothing for people that are smart or hurt those that are smart enough not to go to class. This hurts the dumbasses who don’t understand things by dragging them along at the bottom level of intelligence, and ultimately they just never grasp concepts, and just fly by with their participation grades and poor test scores.

  5. In a discussion class, let us discuss
  6. How many times have you been to a discussion class and the TA decides that discussion is just explaining what the book says, or verbally quizzing you about what you read.Hey retards , any idiot with a brain can recite what we read. In college we should be able to draw conclusions from what we read and create our own opinions. When an opinion is brought up in a poor class like this, it is immediately shot down by the idiot TA who thinks its too far off topic. What’s worse is that these classes are often highly participation based which violates the previous rule. Not only that but participation isn’t really participation, it is simply a tedious form of verbal testing.

That is all for now. Bottom line is that I do not need to go to school to learn, and by extension, I do not need to go to class to learn. Thousands of dollars is exchanged for that piece of paper at the end, as well as the facilities and personnel at my disposal, should I need them. That is all.

2 responses to “Some Teachers Just Don’t Get It”

  1. Tom M says:

    This sounds like the bitter ranting of an underachieving whiner who cannot accept that there are rules to every system that need to be followed to succeed. Ironically you recognize that in your reason for pursuing a degree, but you refuse to take the extra step and attend the classes? What else do you have to do anyway? I already know the answer…nothing!

    And for the sake of argument, work ethic is also worth measuring if they are really just preparing you for a future of, wait for it…, work!

  2. Matt says:

    Work ethic is just a nice term for corporate conditioning. I think I will do what I want, when I want, rather than be a sheep. Thank you.

    As for your reasoning, attacking me personally does not qualify as a sound argument. Neither does pointing out if there are better things to do. You address work ethic, but do not dispute the rest of my claims.

    Of course work ethic is measured. However, it is measured MUCH MORE THOROUGHLY by grading a student who does not get burdened by participation grades. Why? Because a student that must work to learn through reading and not osmosis or bloated participation grades that are “free points” (if you go to class) has more work ethic (or is more intelligent) than they person who benefits from these and gets the same grade. Your argument has backfired.

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