So What Have I Been Up To?

15 Sep , 2005  

What a pain in the ass school has become, in particular one class that is not even part of my major. Hurray to writing intensive courses outside your major .. hurray to Virginia Tech having ZERO FUCKING CLASSES every semester. Thanks guys, you suck.

So, since I want to graduate sometime this decade, I am taking the one available writing intensive that was open, Colonial Latin America. Yes it sucks about as bad as you probably think. Not because of the subject matter, some of it is pretty interesting, but its because I have to read terrible books that were WRITTEN FOR EXPERTS IN THE FIELD. I am not an expert in Colonial Latin America. I know, it’s hard to admit it, but I will. When a book has 100 pages on how far a whisper carries in an ancient andes village and how that affected civilization you know that it was not written for a student. Especially when the book says, “You as an archaeologist,” which as I explained to my teacher is a telltale sign that THIS FUCKING BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR AN ARCHAEOLOGIST.

So how many such “academic” books have I read since school started 4 weeks ago? THREE! Three terrible dry books. The worst part is I actually have to get up in front of class and explain them to the dwindling class. It took 45 minutes almost last time to explain that curse that they call a book. What made it even worse is that the VT, in all its RETARDEDNESS, has some nice special regulations for a certain parking lot close to the library. Instead of being free to everyone past 5 like every other freaking lot on campus, its specially restricted to grad students and faculty from 5-8. Oh joy. Nevermind that the sign is well before the turn into it from where you go to get to the library. Yes, this was the first time I have ever checked out a book, and no I was not aware of such stupid rules. Not only that but I had the privilege to catch the guy as he was ticketing me. After a nice pleasant conversation in which he stuttered and seemed afraid to even move, I established that he just wanted to leave because he was afraid I would pummel him.

In conclusion, fuck you Virginia Tech! When I graduate I am going to piss on the steps of your school, laugh, and then never donate money although I know you will constantly badger me for it. Take that!

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