iTunes is Stupid

15 Sep , 2005  

Yes, I downloaded my first iTunes song the other day. It cost 99 cents and it was painful, but I had a song in my head and, being prerelease, I could not find a way to illegally download it.

Why did the experience suck? Because the stupid file was protected. No copying it to a CD, no converting to an MP3. Its like ordering a burger and looking at it until you arent hungry anymore. Totally unfullfilling. Anyway, being that I dont like to be stopped from doing anything on my computer, especially to something that I bought with MONEY … I just looped the playback from iTunes to a recorder bundled with my sound card. Problem solved. Sound wasnt bad either, pretty much a perfect copy.

Then, due to my increasing rage over actually giving in to the “new wave” of buying music online through iTunes only to find that it sucks, I decided to immediately share the file on the free networks. Take that iTunes and recording industry! By the way, the song is located on this domain somewhere .. if you can guess the directory and filename you get a cookie and a song!

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  1. Jim774 says:

    Amen to that. How they can get away with me buying the listening rights to a song and then not giving me the ability to actually listen to it the way I want is beyond me.

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