HBO: Rome – Episode 3

15 Sep , 2005  

So, I just have to write my weekly comments on HBO Rome because the show is totally awesome. Episode 3 was a let down kind of for me, only because it left me wanting more. Before the show my roomate was swearing that a certain wife was the mother of a certain (illegitimate) child, but I thought he was just crazy … and asian, but I was wrong. I hope they do a proper Roman punishment, which would probably be something like the husband murdering his whole family and throwing them in the river is sacks. Now thats entertainment!

By the way, if you dont have HBO I wouldnt want you to miss this great show, so download it and piss off everyone who cares! Download it at mininova or another suitable bittorrent place (BT rocks in case you have been living in a cave).

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