HBO Show – Rome

6 Sep , 2005  

So the new HBO show Rome totally fucking rocks. I mean we are talking great. Sure, between the time of Gladiator, Troy, and that terrible miniseries this summer (Empire or something was it?), I thought there would never be a true to toga society drama on TV. Then came HBO, 100 million dollars, and Rome!

Rome is much more realistic than that tired imagery of pristine marble buildings and sterile Roman life. Those of us who have anything more than a passing knowledge of the Roman world know that it was not so pretty. Romans loved their violence, their sex and their political intrigue. I mean come on, what sounds like a better nitty-gritty HBO drama than that? Not only is it usually more shocking than the Sopranos, but the Romans were doing it in Italy 3 millennia before Tony was even born!

The acting is superb, as is expected from a prime HBO show. There are standouts, like Polly Walker who plays Atia of the Julii. She practically steals every scene she is in, playing the part of Roman mistress seductress, plotting the next scheme, perfectly. The two soldiers, who form the unlikely pair and focus in the story, are also well played.

I recommend anyone who likes a good action oriented drama with political intrigue (who fucking doesn’t?!) watch Rome on Sundays. Remember, for those of us who are not lucky enough to have retarded fucking Adelphia (thanks for being retarded you idiots, free premium channels), and unfortunately does not have HBO … there is that website.

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