Gas Price Positive

1 Sep , 2005  

Today I am officially grateful to the rising gas prices. As I will explain later, I hate my school, Virginia Tech. For a number of reasons, one of them being that parking is terrible. Yes there is a bus system, and no I do not use it. Buses suck. I think everyone can agree with me there.

It seems that the raise in the price of gas has caused some students to give up driving their cars to class. It was much much easier to find a parking spot today, and usually being a busy day (Tuesdays and Thursdays) yesterdays events are probably to blame. Instead of driving around the endless corridors of parking lots, avoiding assholes and women who can’t drive worth shit, looking for that one space that the other 100 people are looking for, I was able to find a spot within 1 minute of entering the parking lot. Quite an improvement from the normal day where I have to hold myself back from going into a suicidal rage when some dickhead decides to quickly steal the parking spot of the guy who I had been patiently waiting for to back up and out of.

Kudos to the gas prices and my improved parking situation. All you dumbasses driving shit cars and beaters who don’t have enough money to pay for gas, stay out of my parking lot. Maybe I will get less dings now.

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