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SharePoint 2013 Ribbon

Using SPRibbon in SharePoint 2013 HTML Master Pages

In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft released HTML master page functionality. The default out of the box minimal master page makes use of PublishingRibbon, which is far less flexible than SPRibbon. It is not intuitive on how to replace the Ribbon in an HTML master page since SharePoint tries to add it automatically, but there is a trick.


The Worst Trend Ever: Technical Video Tutorials

Videos are the absolute worst medium for presenting technical information like programming or other computer related technology. If I have to look at another video where you watch a programmer programming on a screen to teach you how to do something, I am going to go insane. Use your writing skills people!


Morning Oatmeal Protein Shake Recipe

The morning is a time when most of us do not want to do a lot of cooking. I tried unsuccessfully to cook healthy eggs and vegetables for a long time, until I decided a breakfast in a blender is quick, healthy and easy. This recipe for a protein shake is what I drink every single weekday morning.


SharePoint 2010 KPI Web Part ListURL Weirdness

The SharePoint 2010 KPI Web Part can be instantiated in code, despite the limited documentation, however beware of a little nasty issue with trying to set the ListURL in code as you instantiate or edit the web part. SharePoint can do some weird things when dealing with this property that don’t make any sense, but getting around it is quite easy once you know what it is doing.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Star Wars: Disney, Please Revive the Franchise using Timothy Zahn

Let’s face it. Star Wars survives despite itself, or more accurately, despite George Lucas. George was a visionary in his time, and lucky for everyone, he was limited by technology and created a franchise that all of us love. Now that he has become a billionaire and sold to Disney, maybe we can hope that they don’t use whatever nonsense he wrote and use the masterpiece that Timothy Zahn wrote.

thinkorswim Options Analysis

Gems from thinkorswim – Spread Hacker Terms

So I like to trade options and have recently switched to TD Ameritrade, who has a fairly robust desktop platform, thinkorswim. In fiddling around, the documentation is alright, but some of the terms and details are not really gone into, leaving you scratching your head. In the Spread Hacker section, I was curious about a […]


Probability of Touch

I was looking for a mathematical formula for the probability of a stock price touching a strike price of an option any time during it’s lifetime, assuming the stock price follows a traditional Black-Scholes model of Brownian Motion. I found some traction from from http://quant.stackexchange.com/questions/235/probability-of-touching, but unfortunately the equation did not seem to work according […]