The Internet Did Not Kill Your Daughter – Parents: Online newsgroup helped daughter commit suicide – Nov 10, 2005 19 year old decides she wants to commit suicide. She, like any smart person of her generation, decides to research it and invariably finds the topic she wishes to know more about on the internet. The group, called ASH for, is […]

Universal Health Care Disaster

Competitive health care is like that brand new Mercedes, it’s expensive, but it will definitely get you anywhere you want to go, even though some people cannot afford it. Universal health care is like that old ford, it’s cheap, it will get you around town, but when it makes that long trip it may break […]

Some Teachers Just Don’t Get It

Some teachers really don’t understand why I am at college. It starts with these ridiculous participation grades, mandatory attendance, and miscellaneous busy work. Here is a list of what some professors just don’t understand. I am not here to learn Seems like a silly statement to make on it’s face, doesn’t it? But is most […]


The Perfect World for a RIAA or MPAA Exec

There is this vision of the future that the content providers see, and it is one with huge bags of money all over the place. They are only waiting for the technology to come that can enable their vision to become reality. No, I’m not talking about protecting their copyrights with filters and low tech […]

Escapism for the Disillusioned

This post is actually something that I wrote over a year ago. I am clearing out my saved posts in WordPress and found this one and many others. Of all the little snippets of posts that are not finished, this one looks mostly complete, so I figured I would publish it. It is still interesting […]

More Proof the French Suck

The French are good at a few things, wine, cheese, surrendering, and of course insulting other nations, especially America. We have always admired the French for their ability to insult us with a mind boggling superiority complex and snooty attitude. However, insulting another country usually requires that the insult not be shared by yourself. If […]

Women Throw in the Towel in Battle for Equality

This article, while slightly amusing being a man, is quite disturbing as far as trends go. This article in the New York Times basically outlines how women in top Universities (we are talking Ivy League here) are more frequently planning to stop working upon having children or never working at all and being a stay […]