Futile Alito Hearings

31 Jan , 2006  

I happened to be working a desk job during the Alito hearings that allowed me to watch it on CSPAN the entire time, so I saw everyday. It was actually pretty interesting, seeing the various senators, mostly saying the same … Continued


The Literal Slow Play Online

29 Jan , 2006  

I discussed slow playing earlier and said, for many situations you probably don’t want to use it. There is a pretty good alternative to actual slow playing online that works effectively against many players. That is the “literal” slow play. … Continued


Lucky First Hands

29 Jan , 2006  

I keep getting lucky hands when I first sit down at a table. Here is such an example from today. I may branch out soon into some No Limit because I want to try out some SNG’s. Of course this … Continued


What happened to Killer Bees?

28 Jan , 2006  

“Soon the Killer Bees will occupy territory north to San Francisco and Richmond, essentially half the United States” Well, I for one, await our Killer Bee overlords. And I am still waiting, some ten years later. Where did they go? … Continued


The Evil Slow Play

27 Jan , 2006  

Slow Play – Playing a strong hand as if it were a weak hand in order to deceive your opponents. You don’t see it too often in the micros or low limits, but sometimes a player will slow play a … Continued


Anatomy of a Poker Session

25 Jan , 2006  

For all the beginners out there who want to get their feet wet. Here is a session from last night that will explain my every move through 63 hands. Hand One PokerStars 0.02/0.04 Hold’em (10 handed) [url=http://www.selachian.com/tools/bisonconverter/hhconverter.cgi]converter[/url] [b]Preflop:[/b] Hero is … Continued


Sample Poker Hand

31 Dec , 2005  

This was my biggest loser today as I played poker online for the first time in a while. Also testing out the WordPress poker plugin. PokerStars 0.02/0.04 Hold’em (10 handed) [url=http://www.selachian.com/tools/bisonconverter/hhconverter.cgi]converter[/url] [b]Preflop:[/b] Hero is CO with J:diamond:, J:heart:. [color:#666666][i]1 fold[/i][/color], … Continued


Redesign and Refocus

10 Dec , 2005  

I am working on a refocus and redesign for this website. Should be ready by sometime in January. Happy holidays!


Saving $10 on your Sprint PCS Bill Every Month

14 Nov , 2005  

From ::moox:: Tired of SprintPCS dropping your calls???? Recently, due to a job change, I needed to switch cell-phone carriers. At the time, I was having a large number of calls dropped by SprintPCS, in addition to not having adequate … Continued


Man Goes Insane and Burns $100,000

11 Nov , 2005  

CNN.com – Virtual property yields $100,000 – Nov 10, 2005 Well not exactly burn, but the next best thing! Look, I have made some nice cash selling accounts to massively multiplayer games, even items, but $100,000 to buy a virtual … Continued