Grand Admiral Thrawn

Star Wars: Disney, Please Revive the Franchise using Timothy Zahn

Let’s face it. Star Wars survives despite itself, or more accurately, despite George Lucas. George was a visionary in his time, and lucky for everyone, he was limited by technology and created a franchise that all of us love. Now that he has become a billionaire and sold to Disney, maybe we can hope that they don’t use whatever nonsense he wrote and use the masterpiece that Timothy Zahn wrote.

thinkorswim Options Analysis

Gems from thinkorswim – Spread Hacker Terms

So I like to trade options and have recently switched to TD Ameritrade, who has a fairly robust desktop platform, thinkorswim. In fiddling around, the documentation is alright, but some of the terms and details are not really gone into, leaving you scratching your head. In the Spread Hacker section, I was curious about a […]


Probability of Touch

I was looking for a mathematical formula for the probability of a stock price touching a strike price of an option any time during it’s lifetime, assuming the stock price follows a traditional Black-Scholes model of Brownian Motion. I found some traction from from http://quant.stackexchange.com/questions/235/probability-of-touching, but unfortunately the equation did not seem to work according […]


Vista Tips – Customizing the Send To Command

Alright, I went to add notepad and wordpad to my Send To folder like I always have for each of the previous operating systems. Thanks to the “simplified” (and admittedly cleaner) users folder and the disappearance of settings, I could not find the way to customize the Send To command. A search in the Vista […]


Windows Vista 64 Bit Downgrade to 32 Bit Woes

An alternate title for this post could be “How I managed to memorize my Vista key in one day.” In previous versions of Windows when you purchased the Upgrade version of the new operating system you could always just insert the CD of the previous version during the install to verify that you indeed had […]


The Heroes Finale (or Fizzle)

This post is obviously a spoiler, I would avoid reading it if you have not seen the show! Then again you can probably predict the ending if you have ever imagine up a semi-happy ending to some kind of hero like possible disaster. Was it just me or was the Heroes big finale on Monday […]

Work in Progress

I am in the process of reviving this blog and finishing some kind of easy redesign. WordPress has grown a lot since I started using it, so I am incorporating many things quickly with themes and widgets, but will have to customize everything over time. I am very busy lately since I graduated with a […]

Redesigning Again

I am in the process of redesigning once again to a more modern and functional theme based on K2. Have more time to work on this now that I have graduated from college. Stay tuned.


The Meaning of Life

It’s fairly easy, and a construct of existentialist philosophy. There are two branches of explanation to the meaning of life. These are broken down into consequences and content. Consequences would be an expectation that life is building up to an ultimate goal, or that anything a human being does has an inevitable consequence and meaning. […]