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The Heroes Finale (or Fizzle)

This post is obviously a spoiler, I would avoid reading it if you have not seen the show! Then again you can probably predict the ending if you have ever imagine up a semi-happy ending to some kind of hero like possible disaster. Was it just me or was the Heroes big finale on Monday […]

ATI Drops the Ball

I finally decided to get a new video card because I went to play Oblivion (which is a pretty good game incidentally, after I didn’t like Morrowind). As has been stated in multiple reviews, Oblivion pretty much is the nail in the coffin for the Radeon 9700 and 9800 pro. Besides, I have an LCD […]

The End of Star Wars

So it’s happening, George Lucas intends to put the final nail in the coffin with a TV series. I honestly hope that this new TV series featuring a young Luke in growing up on Tatooine is an early April Fools joke. I doubt it is, as I’m sure every marketing person and Lucas himself sees […]


What happened to Killer Bees?

“Soon the Killer Bees will occupy territory north to San Francisco and Richmond, essentially half the United States” Well, I for one, await our Killer Bee overlords. And I am still waiting, some ten years later. Where did they go? I guess these bees weren’t the conquering sort. So, since I haven’t been mauled by […]

HBO: Rome – Episode 3

So, I just have to write my weekly comments on HBO Rome because the show is totally awesome. Episode 3 was a let down kind of for me, only because it left me wanting more. Before the show my roomate was swearing that a certain wife was the mother of a certain (illegitimate) child, but […]

HBO Show – Rome

So the new HBO show Rome totally fucking rocks. I mean we are talking great. Sure, between the time of Gladiator, Troy, and that terrible miniseries this summer (Empire or something was it?), I thought there would never be a true to toga society drama on TV. Then came HBO, 100 million dollars, and Rome! […]