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Work in Progress

I am in the process of reviving this blog and finishing some kind of easy redesign. WordPress has grown a lot since I started using it, so I am incorporating many things quickly with themes and widgets, but will have to customize everything over time. I am very busy lately since I graduated with a […]

Redesigning Again

I am in the process of redesigning once again to a more modern and functional theme based on K2. Have more time to work on this now that I have graduated from college. Stay tuned.

Escaping Codec Hell

This problem has been nagging my computer for a couple years now. The most frustrating part is that it comes and goes, seemingly on a whim, and my efforts to kill it for good never work. Judging by the large amount of talk on the issue, lots of other people are having the same problem. […]

ATI Drops the Ball

I finally decided to get a new video card because I went to play Oblivion (which is a pretty good game incidentally, after I didn’t like Morrowind). As has been stated in multiple reviews, Oblivion pretty much is the nail in the coffin for the Radeon 9700 and 9800 pro. Besides, I have an LCD […]

Review of Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn

If you liked Survivor’s Quest, you will like Outbound Flight I had been waiting for Timothy Zahn’s next book for a while, as I think he is probably the most gifted of the Star Wars authors. While Outbound Flight does indeed give us some clues to future developments and a solid background of Admiral Thrawn, […]

Saving $10 on your Sprint PCS Bill Every Month

From ::moox:: Tired of SprintPCS dropping your calls???? Recently, due to a job change, I needed to switch cell-phone carriers. At the time, I was having a large number of calls dropped by SprintPCS, in addition to not having adequate coverage in the new areas I traveled for work. When I called SprintPCS to cancel, […]

Some Teachers Just Don’t Get It

Some teachers really don’t understand why I am at college. It starts with these ridiculous participation grades, mandatory attendance, and miscellaneous busy work. Here is a list of what some professors just don’t understand. I am not here to learn Seems like a silly statement to make on it’s face, doesn’t it? But is most […]

So What Have I Been Up To?

What a pain in the ass school has become, in particular one class that is not even part of my major. Hurray to writing intensive courses outside your major .. hurray to Virginia Tech having ZERO FUCKING CLASSES every semester. Thanks guys, you suck. So, since I want to graduate sometime this decade, I am […]

Gas Price Positive

Today I am officially grateful to the rising gas prices. As I will explain later, I hate my school, Virginia Tech. For a number of reasons, one of them being that parking is terrible. Yes there is a bus system, and no I do not use it. Buses suck. I think everyone can agree with […]