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The Meaning of Life

It’s fairly easy, and a construct of existentialist philosophy. There are two branches of explanation to the meaning of life. These are broken down into consequences and content. Consequences would be an expectation that life is building up to an ultimate goal, or that anything a human being does has an inevitable consequence and meaning. […]

Islamic Cartoons : Classic West vs Islamic Values

I just have to comment about this escalating situation all over the world, as it seems to be becoming a flash point for major violence, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon, perhaps escalating more as larger amounts of people catch wind of it. For those of you that don’t know, a Danish newspaper […]

A Little Enlightenment Post

I loved this little story that I came across tonight and just had to post it for anyone that happens to read it. It comes from “Buddhism Plain and Simple” by Steve Hagen. There is an old story about a man who came to see the Buddha because he had heard that the Buddha was […]