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Jack Thompson Discovers People Are Nude Under Clothes

Our favorite asshole lawyer, Jack Thompson, has discovered *gasp* that people are actually naked under their clothes. This revelation came when Jack discovered that the game Oblivion accurately rendered women nude under their shirts. Like most Republican prudes, Jack has never seen a naked woman and believes that people come from storks, at the ordering […]

Oblivion Tops Hot Coffee

Everyone has heard of the Hot Coffee controversy courtesy of a modification to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allowed you to have “sex” with a pixilated nude woman in the game. It was retarded, as Maddox pointed out, because it is a freaking game where you run around and steal cars and shoot police. […]

Blizzard Says No to Gay Marriage

Blizzard says no to any player who wants to role-play a same sex marriage. Apparently Blizzard has the policy that if anyone in the game ever thinks that what you say or do is offensive and they report it, then it is. This is the best policy to keep everyone happy, while at the same […]

Man Goes Insane and Burns $100,000 – Virtual property yields $100,000 – Nov 10, 2005 Well not exactly burn, but the next best thing! Look, I have made some nice cash selling accounts to massively multiplayer games, even items, but $100,000 to buy a virtual property? This leaves me with no choice. I am going to unveil the “SUPER FABULOUS […]

Escapism for the Disillusioned

This post is actually something that I wrote over a year ago. I am clearing out my saved posts in WordPress and found this one and many others. Of all the little snippets of posts that are not finished, this one looks mostly complete, so I figured I would publish it. It is still interesting […]


Why Do You Play World of Warcraft?

Well I guess I have to admit it. I was addicted to World of Warcraft. The key word here is was, and I am happy to tell you that I broke my addiction with a little reflection of just what the hell I was doing and why. Addiction is probably too light a word for […]