Author: Matt

After getting a degree in Political Science, I decided that I was spending too much time in the "lab," so I moved to IT where the pay is better than what a typical Political Science major gets out of College (which is whatever the restaurant will pay you for being a waiter, or how much a paralegal makes minus law school costs). This blog represents my random thoughts and information I have collected over time that I thought I would share.

iTunes is Stupid

Yes, I downloaded my first iTunes song the other day. It cost 99 cents and it was painful, but I had a song in my head and, being prerelease, I could not find a way to illegally download it. Why did the experience suck? Because the stupid file was protected. No copying it to a […]

HBO: Rome – Episode 3

So, I just have to write my weekly comments on HBO Rome because the show is totally awesome. Episode 3 was a let down kind of for me, only because it left me wanting more. Before the show my roomate was swearing that a certain wife was the mother of a certain (illegitimate) child, but […]

The Hurricane

Although I had been to busy to write a lengthy piece about the Hurricane and the ensuing chaos, I figured I should at least make mention of it because I might reference it later. As time goes on I am sure more facts will come to light about what went wrong, but I am sure […]

So What Have I Been Up To?

What a pain in the ass school has become, in particular one class that is not even part of my major. Hurray to writing intensive courses outside your major .. hurray to Virginia Tech having ZERO FUCKING CLASSES every semester. Thanks guys, you suck. So, since I want to graduate sometime this decade, I am […]

HBO Show – Rome

So the new HBO show Rome totally fucking rocks. I mean we are talking great. Sure, between the time of Gladiator, Troy, and that terrible miniseries this summer (Empire or something was it?), I thought there would never be a true to toga society drama on TV. Then came HBO, 100 million dollars, and Rome! […]

Ethics of Time and Place

I was listening to this Best of the 90’s mix I downloaded from that popular bittorrent site, when I came across that dumb song from 1995 “I Believe” by Blessid Union of Souls. Since I was deep into writing a retarded paper I did not really notice until a line came up about ruining the […]


Why Do You Play World of Warcraft?

Well I guess I have to admit it. I was addicted to World of Warcraft. The key word here is was, and I am happy to tell you that I broke my addiction with a little reflection of just what the hell I was doing and why. Addiction is probably too light a word for […]

Gas Price Positive

Today I am officially grateful to the rising gas prices. As I will explain later, I hate my school, Virginia Tech. For a number of reasons, one of them being that parking is terrible. Yes there is a bus system, and no I do not use it. Buses suck. I think everyone can agree with […]

Gas Prices

This is my first post and rather rushed because I am busy doing some work, but I just had to comment on the gas price hike that has happened today. This is something that I will write on a lot, but it is a good example of how 99.99% of the population does not even […]