Don't cry Kobe, you Vindictive Bastard

Kobe Bryant likes to prove his points in the playoffs, and he does not care if it means that the team goes home for the summer. He is the most vindictive bastard in the NBA and will make his team suffer because he feels slighted by the press. Tonight Kobe took only 3 shots in the entire second half and only scored 1 point off a technical shot. What an ass. I am only mad because I was forced to pick him in my playoff fantasy game and I thought he would fire away because with the Suns finally reaching their normal tempo, the Lakers pretty much had little chance playing an uptempo game.

We have seen it before. The Lakers take a loss when Shaq and Kobe are on the same team, a loss where Kobe takes a bunch of shots, and the media criticizes him. The next game Kobe comes in and takes not only less shots, but so few it leaves everyone scratching their head. There are only a couple explanations for this.

  1. Kobe was taken out by defense – This is the most improbable. Kobe himself recognizes he can get any shot he wants, he has said so. We all know he can.
  2. Kobe was told by Phil Jackson to not take shots or he thought his team had a better chance to come back by passing off – No, again not likely. Phil Jackson has no problem with Kobe taking shots. Down by 15 at the half and watching it go up to 25 by the 4th should be a good reason to start taking the ball .. if nothing else to throw the crowd off.
  3. Kobe was criticized for taking too many shots in Game 6, he “shows them” that they need him more than he needs them – Vindictive bastard raise your hand. I guess he made his point. You want me to take no shots? We lose by 30+.

Point taken Kobe. Thank you. Go home.

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