“Soon the Killer Bees will occupy territory north to San Francisco and Richmond, essentially half the United States”

Well, I for one, await our Killer Bee overlords. And I am still waiting, some ten years later. Where did they go? I guess these bees weren’t the conquering sort.

This bee decides to forgo blood lust for a flower instead. How nice.
So, since I haven’t been mauled by a hive of angry bees every time I walk outside, I can assume I was pretty much the victim of sensationalist journalism. Where can I get back all those sleepless nights? But seriously, a lot of people worry about a lot of things. These people have problems. You should never worry about anything you cannot control. It’s a futile waste of time.

The news media is here for one reason. To make money! Don’t be fooled by some mission statement to give practical and honest reporting of the news to the masses. Those people are reporters, they are under some kind of delusion they work for someone who isn’t in a suite looking at revenue figures. When some reporter reports a 20 second clip on a murder, or a 3 minute segment on those killer bees that are going to take over the United States, use some common sense and skeptical nature.

Remember this when the Earth’s magnetic field collapses, the flu pandemic comes, aliens attack, the earth stops rotating, global warming melts the ice caps causing Water World, global warming causes an ice age, hurricanes destroy everything, the Chinese invade, or a Texan becomes president.

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