The Hurricane

15 Sep , 2005  

Although I had been to busy to write a lengthy piece about the Hurricane and the ensuing chaos, I figured I should at least make mention of it because I might reference it later.

As time goes on I am sure more facts will come to light about what went wrong, but I am sure it is quite obvious now that wrong about qualifies the response in almost all respects. The government failed on all levels, and while finger pointing will continue, it is safe to say that every part of the government shares some blame. The President, FEMA, State, Local, etc, etc all deserve some of the credit for their ridiculous response to this disaster. On the eve of the hurricane I remember thinking to myself … hmm a category 5 hurricane running into a major city below sea level? It didn’t seem to worry the government that much. Obviously we know better today.

Anyway, there are a few things that I want to address because there are some wild accusations going around.

  1. There was no racial discrimination in the efforts – The official efforts were unsatisfactory anyway, and the reason for the large number of blacks that were stranded and seemingly neglected was because of economic reasons and a poor plan by the local government
  2. Telling people to evacuate and not having a plan for people unable to is stupid
  3. I thought the government planned for “WORST CASE SCENARIOS” I mean shit, if I knew the government expected sweet smelling roses in the face of certain disaster I would feel pretty unsafe

Being stuck reading stupid books the last two weeks, I’m sure I am either saying something that has been repeated over and over again or has been totally thrown out of the media, but I don’t care. There are many blogs covering the Hurrican, go there if you want to know real information jackasses.

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