Gas Prices

31 Aug , 2005  

This is my first post and rather rushed because I am busy doing some work, but I just had to comment on the gas price hike that has happened today.

This is something that I will write on a lot, but it is a good example of how 99.99% of the population does not even attempt to critically think about things that are going on around them. What is worse is that most people will actually express an opinion on something that they have thought about for a total time it takes for their mouths to start spewing whatever bullshit they are throwing out of it.

OMG&#^#^# Gas is so expensive! Why do I have to pay this price? This is ridiculous! Someone better do something because this is absolutely ridiculous! Blah blah blah.

Oh wow! Yes, there is some ass in a room at his evil chair trying to think of ways to make you pay more at the pump. Maybe he masterminded the hurricane that took out refineries and oil platforms. Perhaps he is responsible for OPEC, the shrinking oil supply of the US and it’s non-OPEC imports, and every other factor that affects global oil distribution. Yes that must be it. Afterall, the world revolves around *you* and has nothing to do with economics, geology or *heavan fucking forbid* other countries.

Seriously, people, let’s think about this for a while. Some quick facts .. the world oil supply is going down. We have hit our general peak production and while new technology could allow exploration in parts currently inaccessible, it is generally common knowledge that oil will not last forever. The US relies on so much oil that we have pretty much cleaned out most of the non-OPEC controlled nations, meaning more and more oil comes from OPEC. OPEC does not want to lose their oil so fast and so cheaply. They see oil coming to an end so they want to extract as much money from it as possible, basically because those nations, with few exceptions, are desert shitholes with nothing BUT oil. Bottom line : OIL ISN’T GOING TO BE HERE FOREVER. THE PRICE WILL ALMOST ALWAYS, IN THE LONG RUN, GO UP. CHEAP GAS IS GONE .. FOREVER.

Here are my suggestions for America.

  1. Stop driving your gas guzzling SUVs you idiots
  2. Walk, Run, Bicycle to where you want to go, afterall you are not only ignorant but fat as well
  3. Stop complaining

That about covers it. So next time you start to complain about the price at the pump, make sure your complaint is along the lines of “I am so poor I can’t afford this gas, but I realize why it is priced this high” or at least “I’m a fucking moron who doesn’t understand why gas is priced so high, but I am going to complain to this guy sitting next to me in the gas station because I am a blubbering moron.”

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